We tell stories to move, to inspire, to entertain, to persuade. That will never change.

But the way we tell them changes every day – it always has and it always will. You’ll find our work in TV, digital content, ads, entertainment, events, and other places that are hard to describe because sometimes, when the right medium doesn’t exist to bring a story to life, we create a new one. So we don’t define ourselves by a category: we define ourselves by the beauty, novelty, and success of the stories we tell.


Marc Cahill

Founder | CCO

In the world of modern media, Marc Cahill is truly a 21st century storyteller. He is one of the most successful “preditors” in the reality television industry; producing, shooting, directing and editing with equal skill and ease.  Marc’s work has been Emmy nominated and seen on more than a dozen network and cable outlets.   Skilled in long form, Marc is just as successful in the short form world. He has created promos and syndication packages for multiple series as well as behind the scenes packages, electronic press kits and video game trailers. A master editor and creative producer Marc brings a low key command to every project along with an appealing sense of humor and, as a rowing enthusiast, welcomes the value of being part of a team.  Marc is based in Los Angeles where he lives with his wife Christina and daughters Madeline and Claire.


John Antonino

Post Producer

John Antonino comes to C4 from a pleasant town somewhere in New England. He has lived and worked in Los Angeles’ entertainment industry since 1999 (minus a couple years here and there when he was living in Tokyo and Boston). His professional background includes extensive post supervising work in reality television, production coordinating, and event coordinating. In his spare time he enjoys creative comedic writing and getting out into Southern California’s lovely great outdoors.


Francis De La Torre

Motion Director | Designer

Francis has worked as a VFX supervisor for films, music videos, commercials, and within the corporate market: his work as a motion designer and animator has contributed to several advertising awards and achievements for the respective agencies who spearheaded those projects, including, Target, Cannes, Bungie, Go Daddy, and Comcast.

Francis began his career at 15 as a P.A. in Northern California’s Broadcast and Corporate market. Moving to Los Angeles years later, he received a B.A. equivalent in broadcasting, from a private media school, while also studying design/animation and film. His early days were spent cutting his teeth as a flame compositor in Hollywood’s VFX world, before becoming a staff senior animator at an agency in Culver City, contributing to several well-known campaigns including; Dell, EA Sports, Bungie, Adobe, Disney, Sony, Samsung and Microsoft

It was a series of freelance projects that introduced Francis to Marc, ultimately finding him a home at C4.

Francis now resides in Santa Monica, CA with his wife of 7 seven years, and their American Eskimo puppy “Zelda.”


Pei Pei Chung


Born on the island of Borneo, Pei Pei Chung started playing piano at age 4. Her future was set from that moment. She trained as a classical pianist and received a Music Performance Scholarship from the University of Pennsylvania. She went on to study film scoring at UCLA, where she won the prestigious BMI Jerry Goldsmith Scholarship. With a Hollywood career spanning over 15 years, her clients include NBC, Fox, Discovery, Disney, Columbia and Sundance. Her projects range from documentaries on Buddhist artists to television series, including the Emmy-nominated “Endurance”. With a style as diverse as her clientele, Pei Pei brings her unique voice to a creative process focused on realizing the client’s vision.


Sean Kantrowitz

Producer | Composer

Sean Kantrowitz is a Los Angeles-based music composer/producer and a Grammy-nominated musician. Equally obsessed with the powerful impact of music and the art of visual storytelling, Sean has written and produced music for television and radio commercials in both domestic and international markets as well as digital/online spots for award-winning brands. In the music industry, he has worked on chart-topping projects and smaller, critically-acclaimed releases in the genres of hip hop, rock, electronic, pop, and more. With a B.A. in Radio/Television production, Sean has also been known to step into the roles of script writing and video production from time to time. He is truly a man willing to wear many hats – figuratively speaking, as actual hats tend to look really bad on his slightly egg-shaped head. When he is not staring at some sort of computer screen, he enjoys improv comedy, podcasts, and exploring new and refreshing ways to post cat photos on the Internet.


Ulysses Lee


Ulysses has been casting since 2006 and has worked on shows such as Deal or No Deal, Minute to Win It, Million Dollar Matchmaker (WE TV), Project Runway: Fashion Startups and many other development projects for NBC, Lifetime, History, Discovery, OWN and other popular networks.
Being American born but growing up in Hong Kong, Ulysses experienced and absorbed cultures from both worlds, leading to his great appreciation for diversity and respect for people with different backgrounds and views.  He is passionate about the candidates he casts and interviewing them is his favorite part of the job.  Most people will describe his interview style as warm and casual, while talking to him is like being with a good friend.

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