Doritos: Crash the Super Bowl


What do Steve Jobs and Doritos have in common? For C4 members, the similarities lay in their “Doritos Crash the Super Bowl” commercial. The 30-second piece was created earlier this year and submitted to the company’s contest in the hopes of winning a slot during the half time show.

Co-Directed by Marc Cahill and Maura Corey and written by Maura Corey, the commercial plays on the idea of a Doritos 2.0 release. An energetic host striking a resemblance to the late Steve Jobs, played by C4 favorite Eric Satterberg, hosted the event. Audience members wait eagerly for the announcement of the newest product while updating the world via their smartphones. Once the announcement is made that the new product is a flipped version of the old, the crowd goes wild.

“I love “Doritos 2.0” because it’s a slow burn joke,” said Corey. “One that takes just a second to sink in, which adds to the comedy. Doritos is a classic snack and you can’t improve on perfection and what better way to show that then in a setting of our ever-changing technological world where the next best thing is around the corner.”

Clearly, we were robbed of our rightful win.

For more of our work with Eric Satterberg, check out the Wayne’s World spoof we created for NetSuite!

Doritos: Doritos 2.0:
Production and Post Production
Broadcast Graphics Design + Animation

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On a weekend in November, the team at C4 Media pulled off a shoot that almost wasn’t. It began when C4 decided to enter the “Doritos Crash the Super Bowl” contest and create an original Doritos ad, of their own. After a C4 brainstorming session for ideas, Maura Corey put her sketch comedy writing skills to task and quickly came up with a script about three office gossips and a secret romance. A cast consisting of Dustin Rubin, Kandis Erikson, Jason Bowers, Jenny Rainwater and Brandon Reece quickly came together. And with a cast in hand, equipment got rented and a shoot day (a Saturday) got scheduled. All that was left to get was a location. And that’s where things got dicey. Marc, Maura and John scrambled for a location to shoot but kept coming up short. The Wednesday before the Saturday shoot day came and with cancellation looming, the C4 Media team didn’t think we could pull it off. But thankfully Marc secured a location and it was ON!

A crew of five and a cast of five showed up to a beautiful office space in Santa Monica. With Marc Cahill as DP, Maura Corey as director and John Antonio as sound and the invaluable assistance of Hans Hernke, the small cast and crew pulled it off in a 7‐hour day. C4 Media wants to give a shout out to everyone that helped make a fun day possible, where nothing broke, laughs were to be had and only a couple of phones were misplaced.

Doritos: Office Romance:
Production and Post Production
Broadcast Graphics Design + Animation



PreProductionOn_Small ProductionOn_Small PostProductionOn_Small AnimationOn_Small

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