Pitfall: Respect the Classics

Here at C4, we’ve worked on everything from the latest cars to the best new videogames. As we focus on the latest and greatest, we recognize the importance behind the classics. This immense appreciation for our roots inspired us to create this fun spec for Activision’s classic game, Pitfall.

The Atari-based game was released in 1982 and has since sold over 4 million copies. It requires gamers to maneuver Pitfall Harry through a jungle maze as he avoids the many obstacles thrown his way. The game was number one on Billboard’s chart for sixty-four weeks in a row.

Twenty-one years after the release, C4’s John Antonino and Chris Bohr worked together to create this promo for the classic game. Antonino wrote the script and Bohr focused on the exciting graphics that are used to catch the viewer’s attention.

Pitfall: Respect the Classics:
Post Production
Broadcast Graphics Design + Animation
Including: Main Titles, Backgrounds, Transitions, Titles and End Slate



PreProductionOn_Small ProductionOff_Small PostProductionOn_Small AnimationOn_Small

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