Living On the Edge: Malibu’s Deadly Fires (Zillow)

Living On the Edge: Malibu's Deadly Fires (Zillow) from C4 Media on Vimeo.

With wildfires that regularly destroy homes and even take lives, the coastal paradise of Malibu, CA is not all sunshine and surfing. Harvey Ruderian, standing on the foundation of the home he lost to a raging fire, says he still considers Malibu a “Shangri La,” despite all he’s lost.

His neighbor Arnold York, a longtime Malibu resident who is publisher of the local paper, describes the calamities that regularly strike the place he’s chosen to call home: “You feel it in your chest before it arrives, because the fire starts to suck up all the oxygen.”

C4 Media teamed with Zillow to create this piece that explored one California’s most beautiful – and sometimes most dangerous – places. In addition to shooting and editing this spot, we also created its onscreen graphics.

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