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SnapHouse: S1E1 “See What Happens When Stars Move In” (Zillow) from C4 Media on Vimeo.

C4 Media teamed up with Zillow and some of Snapchat’s biggest stars for the SnapHouse project, which found us shooting six of social media platform’s influencers as they took on a real-world challenge of spending 24 hours together in a house and creating social media stories about home. (Yes, it helps when the house is a beachside Malibu jaw-dropper).

SnapHouse: S1E2 Storytellers Find Beachside Inspiration (Zillow) from C4 Media on Vimeo.

In addition to producing and shooting the reality-style project – featuring innovative social media storytellers Mike Platco (MPLATCO), Sallia Goldstein (Salliasnap), Aaron Martinez (AaronFPS), Christine Mi (miologie), and Danny Berk (dannyberk) – we also edited the series and created its animation and on-screen graphics.

SnapHouse: S1E3 ‘Creators Close Out Crazy 24 Hours’ from C4 Media on Vimeo.

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PreProductionOn_Small ProductionOn_Small PostProductionOn_Small AnimationOn_Small

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